- What information is on a birth, marriage or death certificate?

Certificates are a valuable and useful source of information for tracing your family history as they usually provide details like an address, occupation or cause of death. Including the full name of the individuals you will also find the following information on certificates;

A birth certificate includes the date and place of birth, the name and address of the mother and sometimes the mother's maiden name. The name and occupation of the father is also shown on the certificate.

A marriage certificate includes the full names of the bride and groom. It will also usually include their occupations, address and the date and place of the marriage and in addition the names and occupations of the fathers of both bride and groom

A death certificate includes the date of death, age, occupation, final address and cause of death, as well as the name and relationship of the person who informed the authorities.

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The above information applies to birth, marriage or death certificate for England and Wales