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Researching Names
Adams, Tilden, Patterson AINGER, ANSELL,
Alexander Scott allder
Allford/Mundy/Whiteman/Sowerby Andree
Andrews Arpino-Manzi-Howard-Hales
Arrowsmith Arrowsmith
Arter Auld, Digby, Dunne, Worsey
B ean / Mount / Roberts Baca
bacon Baeza
baird Barclay, Fitzpatrick, Mallon
Bateman Bayles
Beacom,O'Neil,Hodgins Beasor
Beazley Beeching
Beedie Watt :Marr_Davidson_Kin Belchamber
Blofeld, Blofield, Blowfield BLOWN
Bolton Boltwood
Booth bosward
Bourner Boyfield
Brier Brooks,
Broughton Broxholme
Bryson Buckley
Burrows busfield wilson longthorn
busfild -wilson - longthorn l Butler
Butler Butler, Pike, Samson, Taylor
C A Wrench (1944-2008) CALVERT, FLAHERTY,
Cameron carney, roles, wallace.
Carpenter Carrasco
Cave Cave
Clarke clarke cooper gill
CLIFF Coates
cochrane Collins, McGowan, Tracey,
Connor Cooper
Cooper, Moseley, Swain, Coop Corfield
cosby Cox
CRAGG crockett
crosby culling
Darley Ives Burrows Spooner David South, E South
Davies Day Ollerenshaw Atkins
Dean, Harrington, Butterfield, Demars
Dobson Donovan
Dootson Douglass
duncan Duncan
dymock-mitchell-long-slipper Eato
Ebenezer Ward Edwards
Elgy Enbom
eric south Estwick
Ethel Hopson Evans
FAIRBROTHER Fairman, Skinner
family Farrelly
FENNAH Fennell
Ferris FIELD
Finchett Finney
Fisher Fitton, Porter
Fitzpatrick Fletcher, Sherlock, Phillips,
Foenander Foulkes
Galbreath Gardiner
Garrad Garside
Gee George FURLONG
Gernon, Carey, Denton, GIBBARD
Gooch Goodwin Stevens Temple Murray
Grant Green
Griffiths, Matthews, Burton Guest
Hancock Harber
Harbottle Harris
HAYES Henley, Jupp, Sayres, Hammond,
Hill Hobbs
Holding Holland Parker Onions Paddy
Hope Hornblower
Horsford Howson
Hughes Hunter
Hurworth Hyde
Ibbeson Isabella Nash
Jackson Jacob, Beaumont, Elliott
James James Hunter
Jenny McEvoy Jhon
John Bundage, Elaine Redwine John HETETT
John HOPKIN John Hunter
Jones Jones
Jones, Cox/Cocks, Peat, Senior Joslin
Kendall King
Koch lakey
Lane Laramy
Lavender Lawton
Lindsey, Lindsay Litton
Lomax, Snape, Rothwell, Limer Lord
Lough Lowe
Lunt, Allen, Barker, Marshall. Madge
Maltby Marsden, Clifford, Crowe
Marshall Mary Ann Nash
Mary Ann Simm (abt 1890) Maryan
McCambridge McCauley
McCloskey, Irwin, Curley, McCowan
McGhie,Tardif McGrath, Carey, Flynn
Menah Miller; Turnbull
Molinar Molyneux
Moorcroft Moore
Moore, McPike Morphis Coulter Sanders Taylor
Morrall Morris, Blay, Webb
Mort Mort
Morters Mutter,Ford,Banner,
nelson newell
Newman/Salmons/Staines Nichols
Nickisson, Lunt, Tipper Nightingale
Nock Nussberger, Fjeld, Lie
paget, monks, ribchester PALLETT
Pannett, Parham, Peters, Parker, Watson, Shattuck
Parr parris,capon,
Partoon Pattenden
Paul pereira
Pester and other related names Phippen
Pollard, Quennell, Napper, Pook, Beven, Day, Hance, Hukin
Pressley Pryer, Turner, Thurtell, Gill,
Purcell Pursall
Quick, De Putron, Grout Rennells, Whybrow, Murray
Rice Rice
Richard Berry (b: 04 Dec 1744) Richards
Richardson Richardson, Boudge
Richardson,Wilkinson. Ridgeway, Ridgway
Robarts Robert Berry (b: abt 1722)
Robert Greasley Robertson, Collins
Robinson robinson
Robinson Roe
Samson Smiley Sarah A. Greasley
Saul Saule
Saull Saviel, Davies, Morley.
Sawel Sawl
Sawtell Saywell
Scadding White Razzell Schofield
Seawell Seddon
Sewal Sewall
Sewel Sewell
Sewells Sharp
Sheppard Sheppard
sherwood shirra
Shore Simmons Woodall Thoroughgood
Simpson Singleton
Sissons Smedley
Smith Smith
Snow, Fletcher, Parsons Soal
Soale Soall
Sole Soles
Soley Solley
Solly Somerset
Sool Soul
Soule Sowle
Spencer Stanbridge-Draper-Catlin
Stofer Taylor, Hale, Knight,
THOMAS Thomas Earnshaw 1749-1829
Thomas Girdlestone Thomas WATKINS,
Thompson, Bartlett, Allen Thornton
tolerton Tomlinson
townend, burgess, sanford Townsend
Tozer Trahey
Trahy Trehey
Trehy Trihey
Trihy Turner
Turner Tuxford Flood Pemberton
Vaudray Viddler, Wilmshurst, Cryer
Videon-Dix-Worthley-Badman Vidler
Vincent, Blanchard, Wade
Waight Walker
Warth/swain Washer
Waspe/Wasp Webster
Wedge Whenlock, Wenlock, Dance
Wherity Connolly Kelley White
Whitehouse Whitehurst
Whitelam Whitlock
William Wilson (1677-1722) WILLIAMS
WILSON, WARDLE, Winton, Woolvin, Witcher,
Wood, French Woodman
Wootton, Birch, Hilton, Worthington
Wragg Wright McMurray Hall Taylor
Yetman, Harwood, Herrington young Stanbridge Langridge
Special Date
03 Jul, 1929 29 Aug, 1949
11 Dec, 1952 11 Mar, 1966
20 Jul, 1967 23 Sep, 1967
01 Jan, 1970 27 Jul, 2000
01 Jan, 2000 12 May, 2005
22 Mar, 2007 03 Jun, 2007
09 Jun, 2007 03 Oct, 2007
06 Oct, 2007 19 Oct, 2007
09 Nov, 2007 05 Jan, 2008
19 Feb, 2008 22 Feb, 2008
04 Jul, 2008 29 Apr, 2009
04 Feb, 2010 04 Nov, 2010
25 Dec, 2010 30 Jun, 2011
21 Jun, 2012 09 Dec, 2031
01 Jan, 1970 01 Jan, 1970
01 Jan, 1970
church work computer-gardening
Cricket Family history Caravanning Music photographic
family history, Cooking , family history, family, friends, art/craft, home, garden, animals
Family names are: Coates, Bowden, Menah, Moorcroft, Duncan, Peachey, Ebbs, Sparks Family Trees, Research, Paranormal Investigating
Fashion, Colour and Photography gardening
Genealogy, Computing, Reading, Country Music History, genealogy
history/genealogoy/archeaology Mainly Family History
photography, blogging, technology, history, mathematics, literary fiction, science fiction Photography, Nature, Wildlife, Nascar Racing,Genealogy Research,
Sport, Family History

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