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February 2020

Military Records

Search over 20 million records dedicated to soldiers, sailors and airmen of different nations who served in conflicts around the world. From the Peninsular war, Civil War to World War I and II, Korean and other Conflicts
February 3, 2017

Census Records

Search over 100 million record and the complete 1841 to 1901 censuses for England & Wales, giving a fascinating insight into the lives of Victorian England, including Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill and millions more
February 3, 2017

Births, Marriages, Deaths

Essential collections of birth, marriage and death records with over 1 billion records including the indexes 1837-2005 for England and Wales
Jan 2020

International Records

Search hundreds of Millions of international records from the Australia, Canada, Ireland, United States, Ireland, South Africa and so many others
February 3, 2020

Parish Records

A collection of historical parish and probate registers from many Counties of England and Wales dating from the early 1500s, an invaluable collection for
February 3, 2017

And so Much more

A collection of historical parish and probate registers from many Counties of England and Wales dating from the early 1500s

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