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Harts Army List 1868 Version 2
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The New Annual Army List and Militia List for 1868 Version 2, being the Twentyninth Annual Volume, contains Dates of Commissions and a Statement of the War Services and Wounds of nearly every Officer in the Army, Ordnance, Marines and Indian Staff Corps. Corrected to the 30th December 1867. With an Index by H.G. Hart, Lieut.-Colonel, H. P. Depot Battalion.


Actions or Battles,
Adjutants of Recruiting Districts,
Aides-de-Camp to the Queen,
Artillery, Royal,
Canadian Rifles,
Cape Mounted Riflemen,
Cavalry Depots,
Ceylon Rifle Regiment,
Chaplain Department,
Chatham Garrison,
Chelsea Hospital,
Colonels, includes War Services description
Commissariat Department,
Depot Battalions,
Dragoon Guards,
Engineers, Royal,
Field Marshals,
Foot Guards,
Foot (Numbered Regiments),
Foreign Orders,
General Officers, includes War Services description
General Officers of the Indian Army,
Gentlemen at Arms, the Honourable Corps of,
Gold Coast Corps,
Half-pay List,
Hibernian Military School,
Horse Guards, Royal Regiment of,
Inspecting Field Officers,
Invalid Depot at Chatham,
Kilmainham Hospital,
Local Rank,
Majors, includes War Services description
Malta Fencibles,
Marines, Royal,
Medals, &c. (Gold),
Medical Department,
Military College,
Military Asylum,
Military Knights of Windsor,
Military Prisons,
Military Store Department,
Military and Civil Departments,
Newfoundland Companies,
Order of the Garter,
Order of the Thistle,
Order of St. Patrick,
Order of the Bath,
Order of St. Michael and St. George,
Orders, Foreign,
Paymasters of Recruiting Districts,
Recruiting Staff,
Retired Officers,
Rewards for Distinguished Services,
Rifle Brigade,
St. Helena Regiment,
School of Musketry at Hythe,
Staff at Head Quarters,
Staff of Great Britain,
Staff on Foreign Stations,
Staff Officers of Pensioners,
West India Regiments,
Yeomen of the Guard


T Before the Name, denotes that the Officer was at the Battle of Trafalgar

P Before the Name, denotes that the Officer served in the Peninsula, or the South of France

W Waterloo Medal, Officers actually present in either of the actions of the 16th, 17th, or 18th June 1815. Such Officers are allowed additional leave.

The Figures prefixed to the Names denote the Battalions to which the Officers are actually attached; the Letters s. and r. after the name distinguish Officers employed on the Staff, or on the Recruiting Service; the letter r. before the name denotes that the Officer belongs to the Reserve Battalion. The Letters R.M. in the Cavalry Regiments, allude to the Riding Masters; The * before the Name or Date of Commission denotes Temporary Rank only. The Letter p before the Date indicates that the Commission was purchased. General Officers, with the prefix of a , are on half pay or their last Regimental Commissions.

The words subscribed to the titles or Regiments, as "Peninsula," "Waterloo," &c., denote the Honorary Distinctions permitted to be borne by such Regiments on their colours and appointments, in commemoration of their Services.

The following abstract provides useful details of the engagements, battles, dates and Medals awarded to Officers.

War Services of the General Officers
Lieut.-General Wright's services: Engaged in most of Lord Nelson's attacks on Rota and Cadiz in 1797; battle of the Nile; campaign of Naples in 1799; surrender of Ovo and Novo, Fort St. Elmo, Capua and Guata; cutting out of the Guiep at Vigo; Egypt in 1801; and battle of Algiers in 1816. Has received the Gold Medal for Egypt and the Silver War with four Clasps.

These detailed Lists provide the Regiments, Name and Forename, Rank, dates of promotion, Pay and brief descriptions of War Services by Officers serving in their Regiments are also provided and show the extent and reach of the British Empire.

From the end of the 18th Century and during the 19th Century, Britain was engaged in many wars including the ;

Anglo-French War 1793 - 1802, Napoleonic Wars 1803 - 1814, including the Peninsular Wars 1808 - 1814, the Battle of Waterloo 1815, Anglo-American War 1812 to 1815, Battle of Algiers 1816, First Anglo-Afghan War 1839-1842, Opium Wars 1839 - 1842 and 1856 - 1860, Crimean War 1853 - 1856, Indian Mutiny 1857 - 1859 and several others that are referred to in these Lists.


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Harts Annual Army List & Militia List 1868 Version 2

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