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Indian Army & Civil Service List 1865
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Issued By Permission of the Secretary of State for India in Council.

The Indian Army List and Civil Service List 1865 contains the particulars Officers and Retired Officers of the Army in India as well as Civil and Political Employ. Includes many Offices and Departments of the Government and the Military necessary for the administration of India; such as the Army List, Engineers, Indian Navy, Native Infantry, Staff Corps, Sappers and Miners, Seikh Infantry, Steam Vessels and many more.

The Indian Army was the successor to the East India Company armies - which had administered large swathes of India - from 1859 when the British Crown assumed direct administration of India in the form of the new British Raj during the last half-century before the partition of India in 1947. The Indian Army consisted of regiments of Indian non-commissioned officers and other ranks, commanded by British officers.

These contents provide comprehensive Lists of the many roles, departments and sections of the Civil Service and Army including the Regiments, Brigade, and Former Corps., Name and Forename, Rank, and generally - Decorations received and the dates of first Commission, date of Birth, date of grade or rank or transfer or appointment to Indian Army and remarks.



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