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Craven's Part in The Great War
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Craven's part in the Great War 1914-1919, presented to each member of His Majesty's forces who joined up from the Skipton Parliamentary division, or to their next of kin, as a memento of the noble part that Craven played in the Great War and the heroic sacrifices made in upholding the honour and the prestige of the British Empire. Craven is a District in North Yorkshire.

An "Epitome of the Great War" and chronological accounts of Craven in the War can be found on page 12 enter the page number on the viewer once a search has been performed.

The contents of what is effectively a Roll of Honour includes in the main photographs of the men of Skipton with their names, parents name and address, rank, regiment, date of landing or date of death and where they died along with their age.


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