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Peninsula Medal Roll 1793-1814
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Search the Peninsular Medal Roll 1793 - 1814 on is pleased to announce the addition of 1 million military records online. The Peninsular Medal Roll 1793 -1814 is a useful addition to family historians researching their ancestor's military past.

Over 26,000 men are listed in the Peninsular Medal Roll and the records generally include Surname, Christian name, Rank and Regiment, Number of Clasps, Particulars of Clasps and Remarks.

From the end of the 18th Century and during the 19th Century, Britain was engaged in many wars and show the extent and reach of the British Empire at the time :

Anglo-French War 1793 - 1802, Napoleonic Wars 1803 - 1814, including the Peninsular Wars 1808 - 1814, Battle of Waterloo 1815, Anglo-American War 1812 to 1815, Battle of Algiers 1816, First Anglo-Afghan War 1839-1842, Opium Wars 1839 - 1842 and 1856 - 1860, Crimean War 1853 - 1856, Indian Mutiny 1857 - 1859 and several others that are referred to in the Military collection.

The Peninsular War saw the first use of medal bars. Also known as "devices", they are clasps affixed to the ribbons from which medals are suspended. The Peninsular Medal known as the Army Gold Medal was issued to field and general officers' successful commands in Wellington's army, with a clasp for each major battle in which the holder participated. When four clasps were issued a Peninsular Cross was awarded with each arm inscribed with a battle's name. Subsequent clasps were then added to the ribbon.

The Military General Service Medal (MGSM) was a campaign medal approved in 1847, for issue to officers and men of the British Army. The MGSM was approved on 1 June 1847 as a retrospective award for various military actions from 1793-1814. The medal was amongst the first real British campaign medals and the first to be issued to all ranks just for "being there". 


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Peninsular Medal Roll 1793-1814

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