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War List of the University of Cambridge 1914-1918
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The War List of the University of Cambridge 1914-1918 is a useful addition to family historians researching their ancestor's military past.

It was felt that, as an official record of the war services of Cambridge men, this list ought to include only those who were Cambridge men at the time of their war service. Only those who served in some branch of His Majesty's Forces are included in the List. The Army, Navy and Air Force Lists have formed the criterion throughout, though some latitude has been used in the case of Colonial volunteer units, though they do not appear in the Army List, in some instances engaged in actual fighting.

The broad principles and the details of the War list appear in the Introduction and cover University Qualification, Service Qualification, Period of Service, Rank and Regiment, Casualties, Honours and Awards.

The records generally include Surname, Rank, Regiment, date of matriculation, date and place of death.

To read the Introduction and Contents enter page number 7 in the Image Viewer and select Go.

Over 14,000 men are mentioned in the War List from twenty Cambridge University Colleges.


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