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The Final Disposition
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"Statement of the Disposition of some of the bodies of Deceased Union Soldiers and Prisoners of War whose remains have been removed to National Cemeteries in the Southern and Western States Volume I - IV" continues with more data additions and the online release of the Final Disposition of Union Soldiers is a welcome addition to its collection of American Civil War Union Soldiers Roll of Honor records collection.

Final Disposition of Union Soldiers Vol. I - IV

In 1868 and 1869 the Quartermaster General's Office published the so-called Final Disposition. These final four volumes list the original places of burial from which some of the bodies of Deceased Union Soldiers and Prisoners of War whose remains have been removed and the various National Cemeteries to which they were finally interred.

"Owing to the vast field of operations of the Armies of the United States during the war, it has been found that the collection and the removal of the bodies of the dead has been a much slower and more laborious task than was at first supposed.

Thus, the within statement (which only embraces a portion of such removals) shows that 47,368 bodies of deceased Union Soldiers and Prisoners of War have been removed from 237 different localities, scattered throughout the Southern and Western States, to 30 of the established National Cemeteries, where their remains now rest, side by side, under the perpetual care and protection of the Government for the defense of which they sacrificed their lives.

It is thought that this statement will furnish valuable materials for future records, and some assistance in identifying the great number of those whose graves now bear only the sad inscription: "Unknown U.S. Soldier."

The four Volumes of the Final Disposition lists the Number of Graves and Original Location of Graves, Date of removal of Bodies. The Final Disposition of Remains; includes the Number of Bodies and the Final Resting Place and occasional Remarks.

Many places are recorded as follows;
By the place name, Church yards, cemeteries, hospital grounds, farms, plantations
or as distances from a town "10 miles from Smith, Ark"

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