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Births, Marriages & Deaths 1837 - 2005
England & Wales over 300 million records About Births, Marriages, Deaths
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Civil Registration began in England and Wales on July 1st, 1837, the same year in which Queen Victoria came to the throne and continues to the present day.

The Civil Registration records are divided into three events, Births, Marriages and Deaths.

The records can be divided into two categories. First the Registers which contain precise and detailed information kept by the General Register Office (GRO). The Registers are not open to the public and therefore no access is provided of any kind, nor are they available on The Registers provide the information that is used for Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates.

The second category are the Indexes to the Registers also known as the GRO Indexes which enable the public to search for family relatives and provide the information which enables a certificate to be ordered. The Indexes like the Registers, are organised firstly by year, then by quarter, with the surnames in alphabetical order.

Over time the law has changed and therefore the recording of the Births, Marriages and Deaths has become more advanced and more detailed - these changes are reflected in the Indexes. The Indexes allow you to search for a family relative, and once found the Indexes give that vital information that will enable you to order a certificate or to confirm your own research. The Indexes list the year, quarter, district and depending on the event - and the period will give you the information regarding the Mother's Maiden Name (Births) or Spouse's Maiden Name (Marriages) or the Age at death (Deaths). In addition the Indexes give two other vital pieces of information - the Volume number and the Page number of the Register which will allow the ordering of a certificate.

Charles Darwin

Charles Robert Darwin
12 February 1809 - 19 April 1882

Born on the 12th of February 1809 Charles Darwin is sometimes considered to have been a divisive figure at the time however his theory of natural selection and evolution were nothing short of scientific revolution and are now widely regarded to be the accepted norm. Descended from the wealthy Wedgwood family (of pottery fame) he was able to undertake a five year gruelling voyage on the HMS Beagle which allowed him to study species around the world - from the Galapagos islands to Australia.

Darwin was highly regarded and at the time was one of only 5 non royal people to be given a state funeral in the 19th Century. He is buried in Westminster Abbey along with other illustrious people as Sir Isaac Newton, Lord Byron, Jane Austen, Rudyard Kipling and many more

Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill
30 November 1874 - 24 January 1965

Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born on 30 November 1874. He was a politician and wartime prime minister who led Britain to victory in World War Two. Churchill was Prime minister twice, both in 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. 

He was Educated at Harrow from 17 April 1888, where his military career began. Within weeks of his arrival, he had joined the Harrow Rifle Corps. He earned high marks in English and History and was also the school's fencing champion and Sandhurst.

Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter
28 July 1866 - 22 December 1943

In Born on 28th July 1866 Beatrix Potter grew up in a priviledged house but one which was isolated. Educated privately by a Governess - Beatrix Potter became developed a love of flora, fauna as well as landscapes which let her to become a highly respected illustrator. She is best known for her Children's books which included The Tale of Peter Rabbit which were hugely successful to this day and known across the world. 

She died on the 22nd December 1943 - leaving much of estate to the National Trust.

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