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101 Best Web Sites 2009 
The leading US family history magazine for researching Genealogy, has selected Familyrelatives.com for tracking down immigrant ancestors and performing searches, in the 10 Best Websites for International Searches categoryFamily Tree Magazine USA September 2009


Your Family Tree Awards 2008
Advanced Records Website of the Year - Your Family Tree selected Familyrelatives.com as Runners-up in this year's category for offering millions of online records at a very good value.
Your Family Tree Magazine December 2008

BBC Who do you think you are? Magazine October 2009
Voted "Best for Unusual Datasets" by a panel of family historians

"Very good content, especially for international searches, with very good links to other databases" Mike Savage, family history novice

"If you have ancestry in the Emerald Isle and want to locate a will, the Familyrelatives.com website is a must" Your Family Tree Magazine November 2009

Familyrelatives.com is good value for money £25.00 annual subscription at the equivalent rate at just £2.08 per month
Familyrelatives.com is very easy to use and has a simple and clear layout
Familyrelatives.com has unique databases and helpful search features. These databases are ALL on one website and only one subscription is necessary to view all the records.
Familyrelatives.com is The number 1 genealogy website for searching births, marriages and deaths online
Familyrelatives.com is excellent value for money for the family historian on a budget

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Interesting web site features and facts on Familyrelatives.com

  • 750 million records online and growing
  • 150 million GRO Birth, Marriage and Death records fully transcribed *
  • 850 datasets now online
  • 350 datasets added in 2010
  • 250 million records FREE to browse and view
  • Records start in 1538
  • Quality greyscale images
  • Helpful search features
  • Family Tree FREE
  • Add comments to existing records feature FREE
  • Social networking feature - create a profile and Homepage, upload photos, share history with others, save your research FREE
  • Announce a Birth, Anniversary etc. FREE
  • Classifieds - sell old Books, Postcards etc. FREE

Familyrelatives.com offers more than 150 million transcribed records
Familyrelatives.com has more than 150 million transcribed records (1866-1920 and 1984-2005) from the General Register Office (GRO) Civil Registrations Indexes for Births, Marriages and Deaths (BMDs) for England and Wales. In addition there are a further 150 million records which are also searchable on surname and forename range (1837-1865 & 1921-1983). All the data for the USA is fully transcribed. Military records are fully transcribed as well as the Parish records. See the benefits below

*Benefits of fully transcribed records - fully name searchable records

  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Find the exact search match
  • More cost effective
  • More efficient and productive research
  • No need to view many images
  • Combined with the advanced search features increase your search productivity
  • GRO is the General Register Office for Births, Marriages and Deaths (BMD)

Search on any criteria
Familyrelatives.com has fully transcribed the period 1866-1920 & 1984-2005 for all events enabling users to search with confidence by Surname, i.e.- fully name searchable records, Forename, District, Area, Mother's Maiden Name*, Spouse's Name*, Age at Death* and Date of Birth*. * Depending on Event.

Using Familyrelatives.com means you are not limited to searching in five or ten year blocks, you can search the data for the period that is available i.e. from 1866 to 1920 or 55 years in one go, without having to browse and view many unnecessary pages saving you time and money.

Greyscale images - providing better quality images
The images are scanned in high quality greyscale as opposed to the lesser quality bi-tonal or black and white. This gives the user an additional 256 levels of grey which provide superior detail ensuring the greatest possible clarity.

Helpful search features - Marriage MatchTM
Familyrelatives.com has introduced helpful search features allowing faster searching of the databases. The Marriage MatchTMis a very useful feature which enables you to find the possible spouse in any marriage taking place between 1865-1920 and 1984-2005 without having to buy a certificate. After 1912 the entries do show the surname of the spouse, but not their first name. Marriage MatchTM performs a reverse search to find everyone married in the same District, on the same quarter and year and with the same page reference. This reduces the possible number of potential partners to 2 or 3 at the most. Once you have found the marriage details of one person, clicking the icon next to their search result will find the potential partners listed on the same register page. There are usually only four names and one of those will be the wrong sex, leaving two possible partners. Providing either an extra piece of information to follow up or confirmation that you have located the correct couple.

Helpful Search feature - Age at Death GRO Deaths includes an "about Birth date"
Familyrelatives.com have introduced a new search aid when searching the GRO Deaths Indexes from 1866 - 1920 and now includes an "about Birth date" for easier searching and matching.

Familyrelatives.com provide 250 million FREE records
Familyrelatives.com provide the official General Register Office (GRO) Overseas records to browse and view for FREE. In addition many USA records are available for FREE

Social networking features FREE
For the first time Familyrelatives.com now allows Families and Genealogists to collaborate by sharing research and reducing the geographic barriers to records and family histories in a way which is free, fun and secure.

My Account allows you to Connect, communicate, create, share, and build your family history. You can add comments to existing records and share this with existing researchers (select private or public use). Search the profiles for common interests.

Create your online profile, search the online documents and add your personal comments. Researchers can view your comments and add their own, effectively building a social picture of your ancestors.

Share your experience and connect with other researchers, search for common interests and request help or assistance with your research.

In addition to these features you can now create your family home page, upload family photos, announce a Birth, Anniversary or any important family announcement and if you have any items you wish to sell post these to the Classifieds board and sell old books, postcards etc.

What is transcribed?
The following data is transcribed;
Year, Quarter, Surname, Forename, District, Volume Number, Page /Reference Number

And where applicable;
Mothers Maiden Name, Spouse's Surname, Age at Death, Data of Birth

Some sites use statements that they offer "the best BMD site or offer best value BMDs" these statements may no longer be relevant and are out of date, mere hype and relate to old pay-per-view pricing compared with subscription pricing which offers excellent value.

Beware of sites claiming that they provide "full name searching" or are "indexed" however in reality they have not transcribed the records only the first and the last name on each page, what they refer to is Surname range searching and then browsing images. You may have to browse many images to locate the name you are looking for and if you only have a vague idea of a date it can be a lengthy process, Familyrelatives.com will provide an exact match of the name you are searching. An index is an ordered arrangement of entries which by their very nature the GRO BMD indexes already are as they are published yearly and alphabetically.

Likewise genealogy sites offering "free searching", virtually all sites offer free searching including Familyrelatives.com. The search is free it is the search results and viewing the image that are chargeable. If search results are free to view essential information or fields are not available and you are charged to view a record.  You may also have to view every page in all the quarters i.e. 4 quarters per year x the number of years without necessarily viewing the records that you want and so it is non-specific and not great value for money.

Familyrelatives.com by having data transcribed allows you to find your family relatives faster while offering better value for money. There is no need to view thousands of images, leaving you with more time for your research.

For further information on records available online please click here

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"Familyrelatives.com is a new and different approach to online research which, if the word spreads and if it can increase its coverage, could become your one-stop-shop for all your record and networking needs"
Family History Monthly

"Familyrelatives.com offers one of the cheapest annual subscriptions and a great selection of records. For the money, you'd be hard pushed to get your hands on a better bargain than what Familyrelatives.com has to offer"
Your Family Tree Magazine

Voted "Website of the Week"
By the Editor of Ancestors Magazine

"Familyrelatives.com has developed some new and innovating thinking into Family History. I believe that it is growing into a unique and exciting family history resource for all"
Maggie Loughran, Joint Administrator, Federation of Family History Societies

The Familyrelatives website has long been an essential site for serious family historians. Its excellent search functions place it well ahead of other sites and its new social network and community facility will prove very useful to genealogical societies and individual searchers.
Else Churchill, Society of Genealogists



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