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My Account

Create, build, connect and share your Family History adds a unique and free social networking features to link members and family historians together.

The free features allow members to create an online profile, connect with friends, send messages and add comments to existing records. Members can comment on each others submissions. 

These unique features allow you to save official records and comment on these records for the first time.

Add and save records to your research bank and select to keep these private or public. Search and view member's profiles for interests, existing or past research projects, experience and help.

My Account - contains information of your Membership i.e. Subscription or Pay-per-View. This will also include a balance of your Units if you have purchased Pay-per-View Units and purchase invoices.

You are also able to change your details i.e. email and address as well as your Password in My Account.

Store your research in My Research and later on you can search your research. 

Why create a Profile?

A Profile is really useful - it allows you to do so much - some of which is shown below:

1.    Get in touch with other members
2.    Send and Receive Messages
3.    Add Comments to Records
4.    Add an announcement
5.    Upload Photos of Family & Friends
6.    Create a Classified advertisement
7.    Create your Home Page
8.    Enables members to add and view items being offered for sale