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Home page - This is the main home page to the website and allows registered members to login and new users to register for free. It also has interesting information regarding news, products, and site developments. Furthermore one is able to browse the website for help and information.

The Search link takes you to the Search pages arranged by country, allowing you to search the website for ancestors, this will provide a list of search results however to access further information and search any of the databases you need to login.


Getting Started - Registration Page

Start by registering on the website. Registration is an essential part of the website. It costs nothing to register and you are only required to do so once.

Once you are registered you have three options; View Free Records, Subscribe and Search and View ALL records or Purchase Pay Per View Units to Search and View certain records.

Each option allows you to do the following;

Register & view Free records;
Registering allows you to browse and view Free records
Create a Family Tree
Create a Profile, make Announcements, add Photos and add Classifieds

Register & Subscribe for 12 Months;
Search and View ALL Records
Create a Family Tree
Create a Profile, make Announcements, add Photos and add Classifieds

Register & Purchase Pay Per View Units;
Search and View certain records
Create a Family Tree
Create a Profile, make Announcements, add Photos and add Classifieds

When registering please ensure that you enter all the mandatory fields otherwise the page will be re-displayed, highlighting all those fields that have not been completed correctly. Please ensure that you read the Terms and Conditions carefully. You will need to click on the small box to indicate your acceptance of these before being able to register.

Once you have completed the form click submit and wait a few seconds. When your registration has been completed successfully you will be directed to the Confirmation Page.


Confirmation Page

This page confirms that you are now a registered user member of

You are now able to browse the website and if you wish to start using the search service, you are able to purchase units or a subscription.


Select Purchase option

You may purchase a subscription or pay-per-view units using a credit or debit card. Press Subscribe on the menu bar and select a purchase option and confirm.

Registered members will be charged in the currency according to their country of registration. Please note that units are valid for 90 days only.

When purchasing additional new units any existing units in your account will be carried forward and will be valid until your new units expire. Applies to existing and valid units only.

However if you do not use all your units by the expiry date they will no longer be valid.

Please note take your privacy and the protection of your credit card payments very seriously. Therefore we use the trusted name of Barclays Bank (Merchant Services) to process the payments. currently accepts the following credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and Visa Electron, Solo, Maestro and JCB debit cards, we do not accept American Express.

Payment Cards


Payment Page

The Credit Card Payment Page is secured by Barclays Bank (Merchant Services). do not hold or store any details regarding your credit card details. This is done for your own security. Each time a registered member wishes to purchase additional units you will be required to enter your credit or debit card details.

Please be sure to complete the form carefully and follow the online instructions.


Enter your Payment information which includes Card type, Card number, Expiry date and Card Security Code, these are the last three digits on the back of your Credit or Debit card printed over the top of the signature strip. Select Continue.


The Cardholder information page is pre-filled from your registration details. Enter your Full name. Select Continue

If any of your details require changing, go to MyAccount and Update Personal Details or Update Email Address and return to the Payment pages.


The Delivery information page is pre-filled from your registration details and Step 2 information. Check and select Complete Payment.

Cardholder Check

Follow the instructions for the Cardholder Check and enter your password. Please note this is not your login password.

Verified by Visa Mastercard Securecode

Cardholder check - Verified by Visa and Mastercard® SecureCodeTM schemes

Please make sure that you have registered your card for online purchases. Verified by Visa & Mastercard Securecode passwords have been introduced to further safeguard payments over the internet.

Please see the following links for further information;


This page will provide a Transaction status - Success or declined - of your purchase with an Order ID number.

Select Print for a copy of your purchase. An Email Invoice will be sent to your registered email address.

Select Complete Order


Payment Confirmation

Once the credit card transaction has been completed the confirmation page is displayed.

Please note that if the confirmation page is not displayed and your payment is declined this may be due to a number of reasons including but not limited to an expired card, the session has finished, that your bank has not authorised the transaction or that our Barclays Merchant Services has not accepted the card. This in turn may be due to the high level of protection that is provided and could be because of unusual spending patterns, or that information given on the previous page is incorrect.

For example the Card Security Code, these are the last three digits on the back of your Credit or Debit card printed over the top of the signature strip has been omitted, does not match or is incorrect.

We recommend that you contact your card issuer to establish the cause, if the card is not processed.

Please note no image has been shown for security reasons.



My Account - contains information on your Membership including your subscription or unit purchase, subscription dates and invoice details.

Additionally you may change your password, email address, personal details including address, telephone number etc. by clicking on the relevant link.


Search Page

The Search page provides a list of all the databases on the website by Country and Category. Once you have selected the record you wish to search, a search page is provided for that database for you to complete.

For detailed information on how to search each database a description is provided below the search window.

There are three types of Databases where records have been fully transcribed, partially transcribed on a "surname range" basis and also browseable records with images.

To return to the search index page click Search on the menu bar.


Search Results Page

The Search results page will display the information you have searched. Twenty matching results are displayed on any one page, although there may be less than twenty matching results. If there are more than twenty matching results they will be displayed on subsequent pages.

The View Image link to the right of the entry allows you to view an original copy of the image containing the entry. It is recommended that if you are in doubt, you verify the entry against the image to ensure accuracy.


Image page 

The image which you have selected on the Search Results page will display an image in a flash viewer the viewer will load automatically.

The image window allows you to view, save, print, darken, lighten or magnify the image.


New Features added;

To learn more about the website features please visit the User Guides for;

Creating an online Calendar and Profile
Quick Start Announcements
Quick Start Photo Gallery
Quick Start Classifieds
New changes will be announced either on the website or in our newsletter

Recommendations recommends that you do the following:

  1. Read the site Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy
  2. Ensure that you have the minimum requirements
  3. View the Articles page for useful website information and the Help pages for assistance



How to search the GRO Vital Events - Birth, Marriage & Death (BMD) databases

How to search the Birth, Marriage & Death databases

Getting Started with the GRO BMD databases

Records description are provided below each search window

Getting in touch with us

Should you wish to contact us regarding any aspect of the website please use the Contact Us page or write to us at our Registered Office address welcomes you to the website and we hope you enjoy your visit.