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Pigot's Historical Trade Directories

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Pigot's Historical and Occupational Trade Directories now online on

Pigot's Trade Directories 27 Counties
The Pigot's Directories are a unique collection of 27 Counties with invaluable occupational information for the 1830's going back as far as the time of William IV

The Pigot's Directories currently cover the period from 1830 to 1839 before the official Civil Registration began and are a valuable source of additional information when researching your ancestors. All major professions, nobility, gentry, clergy, trades and occupations including taverns and public houses and much more are listed. There are even timetables of the coaches and carriers that served a town.


Irish Records Collection

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1536 - 1932 Irish records

Irish Record Collection 1536-1932

One of the largest collections of Irish records available is being released online by This forms part of a programme to add more than 10 million new records by the end of this year.



Land Records

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Great Britain & Ireland     
Great Landowners of Great Britain and Ireland


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Return of Owners Land - England 1873


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Return of Owners Land - England 1873 - Includes All Historic Counties


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30-Jun-13 Records

Category - Records Online Records - this page has moved - for a full list of records online please visit the new search pages CLICK HERE


Trade and Occupational Directories

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Pigot's and Slater's Trade and Occupational Directory on releases online new Trade Directory records for 120 Counties 1824 - 1846

The Pigot's and Slater's Directories form a unique collection of trade, commercial and occupational information from 1824 - 1846 for England, Wales and Ireland going back as far as the time of George IV when Britain was about to become the workshop of the world.


- Merchant Vessels - World War II

Merchant Vessels - World War II

Merchant Vessels sunk in World War II - Characteristics and Losses



SS Athenia 03/09/1939            13,581 93
HMS Rawalpindi 23/11/1939            16,697  
RMS Lancastria 17/06/1940            16,243 3000+
RMS Empress of Britain 26/10/1940            42,348 25

- Ordering Birth Marriage and Death Civil Registration Certificates

Ordering birth, marriage and death certificates

The General Register Office (GRO) Births, Marriages and Deaths (BMD) Indexes allow you to search for a family relative, and once found the Indexes provide that vital information that will enable you to order a certificate or to confirm your own research. The Indexes list the year, quarter, district and depending on the event - and the period will give you the information regarding the Mother's Maiden Name (Births) or Spouse's Name (Marriages) or the Age at death (Deaths). In addition the Indexes give two other vital pieces of information - the Volume number and the Page number of the Register which will allow the ordering of a certificate.


- What information is on a birth, marriage or death certificate?

Certificates are a valuable and useful source of information for tracing your family history as they usually provide details like an address, occupation or cause of death. Including the full name of the individuals you will also find the following information on certificates;

A birth certificate includes the date and place of birth, the name and address of the mother and sometimes the mother's maiden name. The name and occupation of the father is also shown on the certificate.


- Civil Registration Indexes - BMDs information

Civil Registration Indexes - BMDs information