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How do I change my email address or personal account details?
You may change your personal details should the need arise by login in to your account (with your registered email address) goto My Account on the menu bar and select one of the links to change your password, email address, personal details including address, telephone number etc. Please make the required changes on the form and press save & update, the system will automatically update your account.


How to use the website?

If you would like to learn how to maximise your enjoyment of the website please take the website tour. When you have taken the website tour you will need to register before being able to use the website. Once you are registered you can browse the website and if you want to search and view the records you will need to select a subscription or the number of units you wish to purchase.


Change Personal Details

Its easy to change your personal details e.g: password, email address, personal details including address, telephone number.

Simply Login (with your registered email address) go to My Account on the menu bar and then select one of the following:


About Family Relatives

Category - About us offers online access to over 850 million records of which 400 million have been fully transcribed. Records are either fully searchable or browseable in addition and where available we provide the images to the records.


What is the cost of

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There are several options for accessing data on purchase a Subscription or Pay Per View units.