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Creating your first Event in the Calendar

Category - Calendar

Ever wanted to keep important dates, birthdays, reunions and other events in one place. Familyrelatives’ simple yet powerful Calendar allows you to get started in a few simple steps.


Viewing Images - Image Viewer explained

Category - Viewing Images is pleased to announce the release of a new image viewer. The new image viewer is designed to render high quality greyscale images without the need to download a plugin.

All new and exiting databases will use the new image viewer. The same great functionality will be available and will be expanded; including an easy to use contrast and brightness slider bar.

We have also made it possible for you to share images with friends and family for free for up to 14 days. The image viewer is built on flash technology which is installed on most internet explorer such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Mac Safari.


Site Tour

Category - Site Tour

The Home Page

Home page - This is the main home page to the website and allows registered members to login and new users to register for free. It also has interesting information regarding news, products, and site developments. Furthermore one is able to browse the website for help and information.

The Search link takes you to the Search pages arranged by country, allowing you to search the website for ancestors, this will provide a list of search results however to access further information and search any of the databases you need to login.


Photo Instructions

Category - Photo Instructions is a great way to upload, store and share photos securely with family and friends. It’s quick, its easy and only takes a minute.


How to Create an Announcement - For Free

How to Create an Announcement - For Free 

Creating an announcement is quick, easy, fun and it's free. It allows you to make your mark in history such as adding a Birth, Marriage or Death, or promoting a Reunion , Talks and much more. The wonderful aspect of the announcement is that you can also share the information you create with others or just allow family and friends to see or keep it private's up to you.